the economic development planning docking

According to Xinhua News Agency yesterday,rs 2007 gold the seventh meeting between the leaders of the BRIC

countries held in Eluosiwu law. Chinese President Xi Jinping, Russian President Vladimir Putin, President of Brazil Rosoff, Indian Prime Minister Modi, South

African President Jacob Zuma to attend. Xi Jinping, entitled “Building Partnerships for a better future,” the keynote speech, on strengthening the BRICS

partnership put forward four-point proposal.
In discussing the global political and economic issues, Xi Jinping stressed the need to build new relations of cooperation and win-win as the core. BRIC

countries to adhere to peaceful development, not to their own will on others, uphold mutual respect and mutual trust, win-win cooperation. To firmly follow

multilateralism, cherish the fruits of victory of World War II, to uphold the purposes and principles of the UN Charter. To reform and improve global

economic governance, promote further support new BRICS development bank, contingency arrangements, “along the way”, the Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank,

Silk Road Fund and other initiatives, the growth of the world economy and the international financial and monetary system Reform powered. To establish a new

global partnership for development, he urged developed countries to take up their responsibility to help developing countries to strengthen capacity

development, narrowing the North-South gap, strengthen South-South cooperation and achieve mutual benefit and win-win joint self-reliance basis.
In discussing the issue BRICS cooperation, Xi pointed out that the parties to implement the new major achievements BRICS Development Bank and contingency

arrangements initiatives, highlighting BRICS execution. To plan for key areas of cooperation, strengthening the BRICS partnership strategy with the members

of the economic development planning docking, enhanced BRICS solidarity. To explore the respective advantages and potential, to cooperate on innovation and

capacity to work, to strengthen the competitiveness of the BRIC countries. To seek justice and global democratization of human relations, adhere to common

but differentiated responsibilities, to support the development of sustainable development goals of the United Nations, the promotion of human well-being,

thereby enhancing the BRICS appeal.

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FIFA 16: Exclusive deal with Real Madrid

Two have found themselves there. The Spanish soccer club Real Madrid,and electronic arts have agreed on a three-year partnership -specially for the FIFA 16 coins online.


That will certainly call a “Royal” transfer EA. As it was now known,Madrid and EA have agreed real on a cooperation in relation to theFIFA series for three years. But what does that mean for the players?Real Madrid in the game will be much stronger than other teams or ithas otherwise yet playful effects?


No, because the cooperation is primarily to real events andactivities. The only change in the game will be, that the 14 most popular players of the Club will get a special facial scan to makethem look as realistic as possible. There is also our German player ofToni Kroos. In the course of the season it will play give and be realplayer 16 in the tournament against other people, for example, in the Bernabeu Stadium FIFA exclusive content for FIFA 16.


Catley is active when the Australia national team and, like the two other football players active at the Portland Thorns FC, an American soccer team based in Portland.


On the box of FUT 16 COINS in the United States, Canada and Australia andAlex Morgan respectively, Christine Sinclair Steph Catley.


Morgan is a striker of the America Anse enmedeverantwoordelijk for the gold medal on national football team what the Olympic Games inLondon.Sinclair is the detachment of the Canadian team where they alvijftiendayprice for plays.



In addition to the State football players Lionel Messi pictured in these countries. It is not yet known what footballers there on the cover in Netherlands or Europe. FIFA 16 coins are the first game in theseries in which women’s football. There are twelve international teamsavailable. FIFA 16 is from september 22, available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and pc.

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understood guard personnel were dispatche

Calls for the adjustment of Reproductive Policy, buy eso gold Yang Chuang stressed that according to central planning, in accordance with legal procedures, and gradually adjust and improve. Noting the outside world, “according to the central demands are Speeding up the work” is the recent Health Planning Commission official calls for full liberalization two children more specific response.
According to “First Financial Daily” is understood guard personnel were dispatched to the Planning Commission is organizing some provinces, planning cadres at the grassroots level to carry out research,cheap eso gold to do the preparatory work for future policy changes.
A person familiar with the details of the disclosure is that this year, Shanxi Province Health Planning Commission have been prepared to apply, will implement a full 30 years of Yicheng pilot rural two children (rural women as long as no earlier than the 24-year-old first child, no older than 28 year-old second child, would have met the family planning policy) to expand the scope of the province’s population to one tenth. Reply given by the relevant authorities, the overall two-child policy will soon be implemented to expand the pilot Yicheng two children no longer necessary.
Health Planning Commission, an official to the “First Financial Daily” reporters that the current fertility policy change and the next will be in strict accordance with the Third Plenary Session of the Party’s decision to implement eighteen, that gradually adjust and improve fertility policies to promote long-term balanced development of population .
Population and Development Research Center of Renmin University of China, told reporters demographers Gu Baochang, senior policy adjustments on fertility issues very seriously.
In March this year, Gu Baochang reproductive research group involved in related policy proposals submitted by adjusting birth policy of the central third, the proposed full liberalization of Second Birth. He said the top leadership of the proposals made instructions to relevant departments to further improve research, better decision-making fertility policy service. Authorities have organized research strength into all provinces in western, central, eastern, research report has been completed, for decision-making.

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build a command of the Party can win the war

March 15, Xu due to end-stage bladder cancer, cheap tera gold systemic multiple metastases, multiple organ failure, died in hospital treatment failed.
In this regard, correlation analysis on the “Global Times” pointed out that this statement at the outset that the attitude of the army CMC distinct anti-corruption will never stop, halfway, fully eliminate the impact of Xu. It also shows that on some issues and to achieve the goal judge is consistent.
Xu had worked for many years at the Shenyang Military Region, Xu reiterated clear text and more shock and awe effect. Official said, the military anti-corruption work is currently in full swing,buy tera gold the whole army in the above is consistent anti-corruption, there is no obstacle forces are unified persists in governing the forces strictly concept.
Analysts further noted that XuCaiHou case is not just the problem of corruption, the adverse impact is ruined buildings, destroyed the Great Wall of problems. They believe that the current XuCaiHou just a symbol, revisit XuCaiHou not factual, there is a deeper point. It is also stressed that the new standard in army building, new requirements, developing a “four” soldier, remove non-mainstream ideas, to build a command of the Party can win the war, the forces of good style.
Such a position in the network thread comments praise and won a lot of points to support sound that eliminate the impact of corruption, the Chinese army will be more development. Some analysts believe that the current national defense and military reform is underway to clear before some of the current ills factors and unfavorable reform is imperative row, a firm commitment to reform.
Trends on national defense and army reform is currently no official news.
In June the Department of Defense a regular press conference, a reporter confirmation “Chinese military system adjustment programs have been ready this month (June) announced the introduction, but later pushed to September,” the statement is accurate, then the Department of Defense statement He responded, published information is not available.

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