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61.8% finish to explore the Argus 170,000 players gather the carnival

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Well-known foreign media MMO-Champion for the 7.3 version of Warcraft players last month, the US service and active US players in the 1.8 million players in the achievements of the game to understand the player for the 7.3 version of the content acceptance, the specific statistical results shown in Figure.

Careful players believe that has been found as “unlock the void of the melting furnace,” the front of the achievements “unlock the Vidy card matrix core” rate is lower than the former. In addition, about 9.4% of the players have purchased the Blizzard Carnival virtual tickets to obtain a virtual mount. There are nearly 17 million players. This is only Europe and the United States service, think about when there are so many small partners along with the carnival, think there is a little bit of excitement.
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For each World of Warcraft players, World of Warcraft is a unique world, then the above achievements you have completed a few?
As the saying goes, “to its death, first to its strong”, World of Warcraft is no exception, when everything went to the so-called brilliant point, and then maintain this posture will go to the opposite side. Undeniably, the content of Warcraft is still growing, the client becomes more and more, as usual, the game has become more and more, many things have become more simple … … but the players experienced WLK version of the brilliant , For all this feeling, after all, changed, unable to stand the years of this ruthless kill pig knife, too long will begin to taste. Can say that all have their own life cycle, World of Warcraft is the case, although the fast food is also a big reason to sweep, but in general the end of the time will always come, the players do not have too sad.
A rain is a cold, perhaps the CTM version is the so-called autumn rain, followed by the endless winter, but at least 10 years, World of Warcraft to the players left a lot of memorable memories, but also admire Blizzard’s creative ability The The next reincarnation, perhaps not the present, but the next “World of Warcraft” convinced that it will come from Blizzard’s hand(Click bankofwow to buy?wow?gold, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

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