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celebrate the Mid fifa 18 coins Autumn Festival

The Bangkok times. October 5 Xinhua (reporter Sun fifa 18 coins) Confucius School of Kasetsart University in Thailand held 4 “The Belt and Road, to celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival,” fifa 18 coins Thai students spend the Mid Autumn Festival Gala. Highlight drama repertoire is the moon > < student Nongda Confucius Institute of the Mid Autumn Festival, every year fifa 18 coins will integrate into their own understanding of the different the story of the Mid Autumn Festival, the interpretation of the different versions. This sitcom to moon, rabbit, call fifa 18 coins plot, cheap fifa coins in the mid autumn festival for missing loved ones, the modern elements into the traditional Chinese story won applause. In addition, the students also brought fifa 18 coins “the moon represents my heart. Guitar, < three > inch heaven and other programs. In addition to a variety of hut coins prepared performances, the students also fifa 18 coins the game, and prepare dumplings,


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