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FIFA 17 IGN score released progress but still not as good as live football 2017 excellent

The end of this month will be the sale of another football game masterpiece FIFA 17, in the competition “live football 2017” after the foreign media’s widespread praise, become the focus of attention. Today, foreign media IGN score on the game has finally officially released.

Unfortunately, the game is not in the final score to overcome the “live football 2017”. IGN the game is given a score of 8.4 points, and before the “live 2017” score of 9.5 points. AD: FIFA 17 Accounts and FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Coins PC, XBOX 360, XBOX ONE, PS3, PS4, Android, IOS Service on FIFA 17 Coins Fast Delivery and Lowest Prices!

In the evaluation of the game, IGN affirmed the FIFA 17 in the new addition to the progress of the story mode. Even so, the IGN editor or Tucao the game story mode in the presence of a lot of loopholes”. After the new frost engine in the game on the game screen, IGN also praised the progress of. But in the game on the specific aspects of the game play, IGN think the game has almost no good improvement.

At the end of the review, the editor of IGN that “FIFA” series for soccer fans, is indeed very promising, but still hope that EA Sports can pay more attention to the basic gameplay of the game. “In fact you can control everything on the pitch, but Sports EA is obviously not doing that. However, FIFA 17 is indeed a very good team empowerment, stadium atmosphere and so on.”

What do you think about IGN’s score? You are welcome to leave a message below the news. FIFA 17 will be officially on sale at PC, PS4, XboxOne, and PS3 and Xbox360 platforms 27 this month (September).

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