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From Hangzhou to mut coins

From Hangzhou to Hamburg,” linkage”” Cooperation is mut coins. Keywords Hamburg summit to “shape the linkage of the world” as the theme, and last year’s Hangzhou summit advocate “mut coins, vitality, linkage, the same concept of tolerance in the world economy. The German side said,” linkage “is taken from the Hangzhou summit. In buy madden mobile coins summit, President Xi stressed mut coins importance of holding partners the spirit, called on all parties to poly assimilation, strengthen cooperation, promote the summit consensus, concerted efforts to mut coins the” stands a tower of strength “power play.” Chinese in just a few years has become the core of the G20 participants, and has become more and more important for the mut coins community in Germany. “” say a lot of people’s consensus. The leaders of madden coins group of twenty in Hamburg, with “China from Hangzhou to Hamburg” taxi driving in the streets of mut coins, “Zheng He” the ship pulled into the port of Hamburg , “central trains” in Hamburg station busy into the exit. From the Gulf of Hangzhou to the port of Hamburg,

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