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How a fat girl boarded the major fashion magazine cover

Do not see “fat girl” a few words to think of Adele, this time we are talking about Rebel – Wilson (Rebel Wilson), the most popular Hollywood comedy actress, a real ” , It is this year’s fashion circles do not let the iconic characters!

We are not talking about what is the appearance of funny, like out of place, love controversial topic elements, although the fashion circle for such people is always very tolerant or even very welcome, but the name of Ruibei Er – Wilson (Rebel Wilson) of Hollywood Actress is real in the design of their own Cartier love bracelet replica brand, shape their own fashion style, and greatly acclaimed. “Glamor”, “ELLE”, “COSMO” The cover of these fashion magazines has begun to be occupied by her; you just search her on the network name, followed by the associated word is definitely “fashion”, although her job is Actor, and she did very well.

Ruibel – Wilson boarded the UK in May this year, “ELLE” magazine cover

Let’s start with her work.

Rebecel – Wilson was born in 1986 in Australia, in 2003 began the actor road, in Australia starred in some comedy drama. Later, because moved to the United States, she began to enter Hollywood. 2011 comedy movie “bridesmaid” is her first appearance in front of the public, playing with the heroine living with the best brother and sister neighbors.

The role is very small, but very memory, for example, that they are “travel visa can not pay by rent, unless the street” this completely unilateral, and always a kind of ignorant look. “Bridesmaid” in the year is a hot acclaim, even Oscar this quite serious academic awards also gave the film nomination. Ruibei Le in the United States of the acting career opened a good start.

After she starred in the Cameron – Diaz starred in the “full guidance during pregnancy” and Krstten – Dunst starred in the “unmarried woman”, continue to play in the mainstream comedy film highlights, and scenes Gradually increased.

To the release of the 2012 “perfect tone”, the role Cartier love ring replica played by Ruibel finally appeared in the movie posters, the women’s choir in an overconfident “fat Amy”, and finally upgraded to the starring lineup. Tensioned funny starred in all the people watching the film are remember her, and even love her!

Pocketed the goodwill and popularity, and even the major awards are beginning to favor her: MTV Film Award Breakthrough Performance Award, the American Critics Association comedy Best Actress nomination, Santiago Film Critics Association Best Supporting Actress nomination, Youth Choice Award Good comedy actress

Then she starred in the US drama “three women make the weekend”, in the movie “pay and harvest” and “Museum Wonderful Night 3” also appeared in the surprise.

But once again pushed her to the cause of the peak, is the “perfect tone 2”, yes, it is that “fat Amy” credit. In the film, the choir to give the President of the United States performances singing and dancing, who knows “fat Amy” accidentally emptied, and made the choir was banned from public performance!

The film word of mouth less than the first, but Debuier’s show but make her more sure. This series of film’s biggest surprise is undoubtedly the role of Ruibei Er, when she also occupied the major magazine’s main layout (also may be because of the large size).

At this point, Ruibei Er has become the Australian “national treasure” actress, with the sexy “hammer brother” with the entertainment magazine “WHO” cover.

Show career so much, then we look at how Rebec is a fashion darling

“I hope the girls will be inspired and positive from me,” Debui said in an interview.

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