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Raiders Argus all waters can be caught – World of Warcraft

7.3 version will have a new fishing horse -(Click to buy cheap wow gold, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)
pond jellyfish. Here to see how the pond jelly get it. This horse needs fishing skills to reach 800 or so, the more accurate argument is that all the waters in the Argus can catch, out about 1% -2%. There are more than 100 players on the fishing. Here, recommend an excellent fishing place. There is no mobs in the vicinity of Antanlan’s waste port, and you can feel at ease fishing. Mount preview as follows: Related Reading: 7.3 hour speed brush mounts: dark hoof ruins rogue kill the devil to take 7.3 new puzzle mount known results: has been unlocked four steps to kill Kesou 7.3 Agus drop mounts and evil Pagoda eggs rare elite path coordinates summary 7.3 Agus Shadow of the new collection of super-supernatural fighters magic ray tower cloth sheep 7.25 version of the multi-color wild pet collection manual illustrations This is the collection control _ World of Warcraft
Three weeks to unlock 7.3: the first week (August 31 – September 6): open the first map of Crouchu’s plot task and related world mission. The second week (September 7 – September 14): the opening of the second map Ma Kai Lei’s story tasks and related world tasks, as well as new games into the invasion point, large intrusions fall 930 equipment in the new world BOSS. The third week (September 14): open the third map Antalan waste of the plot task and related world tasks, unlock the void of the melting furnace (add new sacred material characteristics) and the new five people: the ruling group of the seat The Starting from the third week, the contents of 7.3 are all unlocked. And the new group will be in the follow-up patch on the line (a few days ago designer interview that later this year, guess should be before and after the carnival). Argus’s different world life: different world small main city 7.3 main base Vidicar spacecraft matrix core 4 big function preview Agus is not open flight, in addition to relying on two legs runway, the most important way of transport is to rely on three The transfer point on the map is read by the blue bar. The delivery point is gradually unlocked during the task. Argus Although there is no player in the main city, but there is a Vidicar spacecraft, which is the player in the base camp and activity center of Agus, the reputation of the Quartermaster, the trainer, the vanity of the melting furnace, the transmission point, etc. are on the spacecraft, As if the equivalent of a small main city New escort 7.3 Agus new followers and equipment and the holy light Delaney little sister to the Argus, naturally nothing new followers and new entourage equipment.(Click to buy wow gold,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)
Argus’s reputation, mounts, pets: prestige related 7.3 Agus prestige related: prestige catch up and quartermaster sale items preview Agus has two new camps: Light Light Legion, Argus Defense Force (Argusian’s). The prestige officer will also sell some new items. Mounts and pets 7.3 Agus version new variety of pet preview 7.3 new multiple mount preview actually have horror horror face mounts 7.3 Agus new mounts: light cast small up to chaos into the regiment again Argus also added a lot of mounts and pet. Argus everywhere are rare elites, some of which drop mounts or pets. Rare elite also have the chance to drop an item “fillet eggs”, 5 days incubation time, can open some new mount pet. Equipment to obtain the new fragments of Agus 7.3 new currency Agungite crystal access to do the task to pick up the chest to play rare 7.3 after the void can not be redeemed equipment, replaced by the new currency Aguenite crystal, in the Vidicar spacecraft to find NPC exchange 910 Remodeling equipment. There is also the world drop 880 + pure equipment. 5 people and the big secret: 7.3 new five of the ruling group BOSS drop equipment preview 7.3 will only open a new 5 people of the ruling group seat, the same big secret mode. 7.3 Ordinary, hero and epic underground city drop items such as equipment to improve 20. The number of low-level protection layer into 10 layers, while the epic fountain award will be increased to 915, the weekly chest will be increased to 935. Manufacturing related: 7.3PTR full professional new content preview new manufacturing equipment can be upgraded to 935 7.0 professional have some new manufacturing materials. The new manufacturing equipment for the initial 885 level, you can upgrade to 935, and 7.3 before the old manufacturing equipment or can only stay in 900 and so on. Agus new play Invasion point: Argus intrusive point preview: the world BOSS out 930 equipment intrusion point is equivalent to the public scene battle, large intrusive point of the portal for 7 days, there are new world BOSS. Void light melting furnace: 7.3 artifacts automatically upgrade every week, the melting of the void melting furnace to strengthen the holy light of the melting furnace can strengthen the artifact sacred objects, each holy objects into the furnace can see the new three-tier talent, Talent is a certain randomness, so “good” holy things, probably is installed to be high, two or three layers of talent is better connected. 7.3 hour speed brush mounts: dark hoof ruins rogue kill the kid to take the achievements of _ World of Warcraft(Click to buy wow gold, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

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