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ship Over 400 cheap fifa 18 coins kilometers north

according to voice of “news” Chinese reports, the cheap fifa 18 coins General of Japan in Osaka China news, yesterday morning, the domestic fishing boats in a ship Over 400 kilometers north of cheap fifa 18 coins sea and Hongkong tanker collided in Oki Shoto after the Japanese Shimane Prefecture, there are 12 crew members missing. The Japanese Consulate General in Osaka said cheap fifa 18 coins staff last night CNR told reporters, as of last night, 16 crew and 4 people were near Chinese by ship rescued, and 12 crew members missing. Local time on cheap fifa 18 coins 5th at 9:30 in the morning, a Chinese mainland fishing in the north of the Oki Shoto Japan Shimane Prefecture about coins fifa location of four hundred km, longitude 132 cheap fifa 18 coins 24 minutes north latitude 39 degrees 41 minutes above the high hut coins and an oil tanker from Hongkong collided. China boat ride a capsized crew of 16, including 4 cheap fifa 18 coins have been passing Chinese fishing boats rescued, and 12 crew members missing.

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