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Madden 18 Ultimate Team Most Feared Cards

As with preceding iterations of the game, Madden 18 looks to be introducing the Ultimate Team Most Feared players after as soon as much more by way of the upcoming Halloween update. Within this complete Madden 18 Most Feared guide, we’ll be going over all the things you might expect as soon as the most […]

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Introducing a new update of PS4 and Xbox one of Madden 18

The second prime title update for Madden NFL 18 has come out even though creating some large alterations and appending new traits. Beginning with some new traits, the single-player Long-shot mode appends a trait that tends to make gamer replay gameplay moments to visualize them once more. Also, gamer can now play whole seasons with […]

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Strategies To improve Your Squad in Madden NFL 18 Ultimate Team Mode

Whilst numerous Madden fans are mostly concentrate on the Franchise mode, there is certainly an additional important and intriguing playing alternative in Madden NFL 18 – the card-based mode, referred to as Madden Ultimate Team (MUT)). Initially added in Madden NFL 10, Madden Ultimate Team’s core premise is very simple: to collect player cards to […]

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