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FIFA 17 IGN score released progress but still not as good as live football 2017 excellent

The end of this month will be the sale of another football game masterpiece FIFA 17, in the competition “live football 2017” after the foreign media’s widespread praise, become the focus of attention. Today, foreign media IGN score on the game has finally officially released. Unfortunately, the game is not in the final score to […]

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Zuma: armed Yongming

The Carling Cup final, Zuma be starting, and usually appear in different positions, and ultimately the team win, and get Mike Mussina praise, compared him to Desailly. Blues can restrict Tottenham at Wembley decisive offensive firepower, the contribution of Zuma and midfielder Ramires this dual combination is inseparable. Saihouzuma accept Chelsea’s official website interview, talking […]

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Neymar and his son to become a member of Barcelona

Neymar and his son has become a member of Barcelona. Neymar and his son to become a member of Barcelona On Friday, the club president accompanied by Bartomeu and Vice Kaduoneier and Neymar and his son registered as a member of FC Barcelona. Neymar membership card numbered 155,674, his son’s membership card number is 155,675. […]

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