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Tigers fans thank the Blake-Boulds Foundation for their contributions

The win over hut 18 coins Pittsburgh Steelers has taken Blake Bortles a fresh set of fans, except that these fans actually support the hut coins buy Cincinnati Tigers. After the Jacksonville Jaguars defeated the Steelers 45-42, the Tigers fans generously expressed their gratitude to the Jaguars quarterback for their donations to the Blake Bortles Foundation.


As of gobuymmo coins, a total of more than 100 fans donated nearly $ 5,000, which will help children and adults with mental and growth disabilities and emergency workers in the local community. This behavior of the Tigers comes from local radio presenters suggesting that they emulate Buffalo Bill fans. The latter made a total of more than $ 300,000 to the Foundation, the quarterback under the name of Andy Dalton, who made the passing touchdown after the Tigers defeated the Baltimore Ravens.


Who knows what will happen next? If Boutles and Jaguars defeat the mighty New England Patriots in the All-NBA Finals, there may be donations from other team fans in addition to the Tigers. Well, maybe steelers do not.

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