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World of Warcraft latest online fix: shaman PVP BUG repair

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This article by 17173 World of Warcraft special author [spicy pill son Jun] translation provided, reproduced indicate the source.
The elite of the band around the ruling group will now be in the proper range from the battle and return to the original position.
Void light furnace:
Shadow link: now will be the right to crit chance bonus.
Element / Recovery:
Lava burst, lava burst overload: Fixed bug in PVP damage lower than expected BUG.
Soul link (honor talent): can not act on the goal below 100.
Figure: Glyph of debris: now you can use it again.
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Desperate: the scene of the battle will no longer stuck in the 96% progress.
Other recent online amendments:
Antalan waste: Fixed BUG that could be sent to an inactive flight point.
Broken beach
Salvation sentry: Increased construction speed. The completion rate of the building will be roughly the same as before 7.3.
Lightning Chain: Recovery and Element Specialization The skill will use the same cast animation effect.
Dungeon & Team Copy
Death mine:
Glabutok: After the kill will now reward the booty.
Razor Swamp:
Take advantage of bat excreta: it will now be easier to find quest items.
Temple of Atahahka:
Haka’s Shadow: After the kill will now be right to reward trophies.
Wailing cave
Variation Leather: It will now be easier to find quest items
Looking back at the Earth Age, then the player will know that a team’s limit is 40 people, in addition to the wild or the Alterac Valley, the rest is in the team copy inside. Melting heart, black wing of the nest, Ahn’Qirah Temple, Naxxramas, Onyxia’s lair, which is the only World of Warcraft 40 team copy, although now are the brush of the rhythm , But the old players know that perhaps a copy of 40 people doomed never see. It is undeniable that the team of 40 people seems to be massive, but its chaos is no doubt, just a head of command is almost to see, as the dead is also a normal thing.
Of course, a copy of the 20-year team of 20 people and a copy of a team of 10 people, Zul’Gurub, Ahn’Qiraj ruins and blackrock tower on the same layer is still fresh in memory, but now only the ruins of Anjila, Zulgra Cloth and blackrock tower are remodeled into a copy of 5 people. Think about more ridicule, the upper limit of 20 people is now the maximum number of epic mode, the number of a full reduction of half, if the 60’s to melt the heart of the fire and other copies into the “epic mode” is simply unthinkable …. ..
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